Dark Night of the Soul


This pack of graphics includes everything you need for a Dark Night of the Soul sermon series.  Inspired by John Ortberg’s book, Soul Keeping, and a Carmelite monk named John who lived in the sixteenth century, this series addresses hard times when God seems absent without using cliches or “Christian bandaids.”

According to both John’s above, the dark night of the soul is “not simply the experience of suffering.  It is suffering in what feels like the silence of God.”  And what did they recommend for us to do while God is weaning us from all pleasures during our “dry times” and inward darkness?  “We do nothing.  We wait.  We remember that we are not God. We hold on.  We ask for help.  We do less.  We resign from things, we rest more, we stop going to church, we ask somebody to pray because we can’t.  We let go of our need to hurry through it.”  We wait – for God, to bring the light.  Which is so opposite of what we try to do when we’re feeling dead inside.  Often we try to mask the inner darkness with a fake external brightness that just falls empty.

It includes:

  • Doorhanger Invitation
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • 4×6 Invite Card
  • 5.5×4.25 Invite Card
  • Title Screen Graphic
  • Text Screen Background Graphic
  • Video Title Graphic
  • Landscape Social Image
  • Square Social Image

An editable PSD file of all the above.