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Communications & Marketing Help for Your Church

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We are a team of church practitioners just like you. We know the ins and out of churches big and small. 

We’ll come along side you however you need us. From social media help, graphic design, web support, advertising, live-streaming setup, sermon video clips, email newsletters, and more.

We’re not going to waste your time with strategy calls and try to hook you into a big monthly retainer. We offer the services you need, when you need them. Simple as that. 

Focus on what you want to do.

Let us do the rest.

Here’s some of what we can do for you:

Social Media

Building and sustaining community online is a huge opportunity for churches and pastors to build relationships and make disciples. Let us help your church lead the way.


However you are communicating, we can help you craft the content you need. We can also take your sermon each week and create video clips, graphics, and blog posts from it so you can reach more people with your message.


Design matters. Our incredibly talented designers can help you more effectively communicate your message and engage your audience.


A compelling message is just the start. Let us help you reach audiences far and wide with effective marketing strategies and digital tools. 


Whether you need a new website built, or you need to make updates to your existing site. We can take on the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about it.


Our pricing is designed to fit your budget and style.

If you need on-going services we can arrange a monthly flat-rate, or you can purchase services as you need them.

Our packages range from $299 to $799,
with discounts for multiple services.

Ready to get started?

Get a complete review of your social channels and digital efforts from award-winning comedian, viral sensation, and social media power house, Jaron Myers. 

Our Team

We’re church practitioners just like you. 

Collectively Justin and Chuck have over 30 years of church communications and digital marketing experience.

We also work closely with a team of highly talented consultants and freelancers to help us scale along with your needs. They’re all US based and love the church just like us!

How we work

Most agencies are focused on getting you on a big inflated monthly contract, so they get paid whether you need the work or not. That doesn’t typically work for churches.

We charge only for what you need, when you need it.

Pay Per Service

Let us know what you need done, and we'll provide a quote up front per service.

Or Per Project

If you need multiple services for a project, like an Easter campaign, or per Sermon Series, then we can bill you one flat rate for the whole project.

Or Per Month

If it helps your accounting department to setup an affordable monthly retainer, then we can work with you to do that too.